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Amina Shafaat (born Jun 8, 1978 ) is one of Pakistani top models who has achieved global fame and distinction for her statuesque figure and iconic good looks, which have led to success both at home, in Asia and internationally.
Amina Shifat is one of famous Pakistani models who in a short span of time and limited fields of work managed to reach the status of stardom. Amina attended Lahore Grammar School and is a graduate of Kinnaird College, Lahore.
Her introduction to showbiz was sort of accidental. Khawar Riaz, a Fashion photographer, saw her in a party and made her a modeling offer which she initially refused. After taking permission from home, she started modeling.

Amina has always been very strong about her principles and did not fall prey to stereotypical fashion mafia operating in Pakistan. Amina however showed immense courage and self confidence to strive in fashion industry and create a name for her. Amina with her career choice proved the common perception of models being dumb blondes wrong and opened gateway for aspiring girls to join fashion. Amina has endured fashion industry in a very fine manner without joining any specific bandwagon of fashion gurus. Her strong will, charismatic persona and dedication speaks for itself, making her leading models of Pakistan. Her entry in fashion field might have been pedantic for her fellow models but Amina surely knows the art of diplomacy well. This enigmatic dive with raving beauty has all the right elements to strike cords perfectly. Amina remains the perfect and only choice when it comes to choose the ideal face for fashion magazines. Be it to improve the quality of their craft through TV commercials. She remains the perfect model for the silhouette of fashion designers. Amina Shafat was spotted by Khawar Riaz in a party. Initially Amina was reluctant to join modeling but eventually discovered her true passion for fashion. Since then there has been no turning back for this talented model has glossed covers of many fashion magazines and appeared in many TV commercials. Amina was lucky enough to have grabbed such right opportunity at the right time. In the beginning of her career she made an appearance in Pakistan’s pop star Fakhir’s music video “Dilruba”. . Dilruba which gave Fakhir an opportunity to reinvent himself after the breakup of Awaz, happened to be lucky star for Amina too. Later she was also seen in song sponsored by Tulsi which was also widely appreciated. With her string of successful TV commercials Amina Shafat has become favorite for endorsing products from Lipton to massive campaigns of ABN Amro. Amina has a passion for advertisings and has showed interest in venturing into direction as well. She believes Tv commercial require sheer hard work, dedication and creativity. She has worked with many photographers including Khawer Riaz, Rehan Qureshi and Rizwan Baig. Amina is best known for her refusal to show skin and has always remained very protective about her principles. People in the fashion industry predicted that her career will be short-lived, yet she continued to be part of many TV commercials. Amina was at the peak of her career when she bid farewell to world of fashion. Amina Shifat is now married and still continues to model for magazines but has left the world of ramp modeling.