Free tips for aspiring models in Pakistan

The glamorous world of Modeling, offers an exciting, adventurous, full of charms as well as a lucrative career to youngsters. As a model you may have the opportunity to travel to beautiful locations inside and outside of Pakistan while you also get the opportunitiy to attend events with celebrities.

You will learn on this page, what it takes to become a model in Pakistan:

Finding a modeling agency?

Most models are recruited by modeling scouts who roam around in major cities of Pakistan in a tireless search for fresh faces. Models in Pakistan are often discovered in parties, shopping malls or other obvious places where young people gather like e.g marriage ceremoney. If you fit the requirements, it's very likely that you will be noticed. You can also send pictures of yourself to an agency. Please be very careful with unregistered or unknown modeling agencies specially of free lancers as this can result in black mailing, abuse or other similar mishaps.
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How to present yourself?

Presenting yourself for clients is an important part of the job. Requisites for Modelling include the main quality to become a model is the looks - It is not necessary to be tall, slender, attractive or good looking. Perfect skin, good teeth, healthy and well cut hair are assets for those looking forward for a modeling career. Most important is that one should be photogenic. Being photogenic is one of the most important quality to have for a model. Many girls make the mistake of trying to look elegant and sophisticated, but they don't have the fashion knowledge to pull that off. The client wants to see the natural beauty of the model

Why Portfolio is important for modeling?

A models basic promotional tool is his or her portfolio which consists of a series of photographs. We strongly recomend to get it taken by a professional photographer. Only the best pictures of standard size ( 10 by 12 inches ) must be included in your modeling portfolio. The portfolio should ideally have a casual head shot, styled head shot and a body shot

Staying in front of camera: A large part of being photogenic is to love to be in front of a camera. To be a successful model you have to be a bit of an exhibitionist and enjoy having your picture taken.