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One of the Pakistan's top models Iman Ali was born December 19, 1980. Iman Ali is a popular Pakistani model and actress. She is daughter of television and film actor Abid Ali and from his wife Humaira Ali. Iman Ali is rated top model by fashion industry and is known for her choosy and wise career decisions. She is known for her striking beauty and bold persona and the way she translates it into modeling. Her diplomatic status and dedication has earned the reputation of favorite child of Pakistani fashion industry.

Fashion critics describe her as the best thing that ever happened to Pakistani fashion industry after Zoella. Iman Ali is a role model for Pakistani youth who aspires to venture in fashion world and earned her a strong fan following. Iman Ali was host of 2005 LSA awards and has starred in series of successful television productions including a high budget music video directed by Shoaib Mansoor. Recently Iman Ali starred in a movie “Khuda Kay Liye” alongside Fawad directed by Shoaib Mansoor. Her performance was widely appreciated by movie critics and the movie is believed to revive Pakistani cinema. After her first cinema venture Iman Ali is known in India and has even worked with couple of Indian fashion designers. She has shown interest in bollywood productions but does not approve of skin show.

Shan co star from Khuda Kay Liye has been quoted from an interview saying that models should stick to modeling and avoid getting into acting without any experience. This comment is said to be for Iman, who despite the stereotypical image of models managed to earn raving views from movie critics. She beautifully transformed into a character of a British born Pakistani girl and Shan as well did justice to his role. Iman Ali’s television projects were also popular among masses notably "Woh Saat Din" a play based on the seven days on Indian Pakistani Partition. Iman Ali’s has always been very honest and bold about her personal life, putting her closer to heart of her fans. Her parents are separated and she lives with her mother and sister Maha Ali.

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